Our Current Promotion –

Your First Month of Aikido + FREE Gi =$60.00! Wow, the Gi alone is worth that -it’s like the Aikido is free!


Start your journey into this great Martial Art (we’re a little biased) and start earning your “frequent flier miles” today!

Gi what? A Gi is the traditional martial arts uniform of Aikido. Our Gi are of high quality cotton to absorb all of your “effort” (read as impact and sweat) along your path. Much like Aikido itself, a Gi is not a “one size fits all” uniform, so your Gi will be chosen by us as appropriately sized to your particular body habitus.

What about colors? Your new Gi will come in a stunning array of colors to include: white. Why white? Well for one it’s traditional and for another reason, we can tell if you’ve cleaned it after each class.

Can you really afford this promotion? Don’t worry about us, thanks. The better question is can YOU really afford not to accept this promotion? That’s your first Month of Aikido Classes + one free Gi = one happy Aikidoka (Yes that’s just what they’ll call you!)

Mention this Promotional Ad and receive your First Month of Aikido and a FREE Gi for only $60.00!!!!